Here, we make videos

We are passionate about images, videos and the emotion they convey. We make reports, documentaries and many other formats. 

We create our productions for our Youtube channel Le Grand JD and we also work with organisations and private clients. 

Our productions

The war in Ukraine

This report was made before the current war in Ukraine. It tells and explains the war in the Donbass, the region in the South East of Ukraine where fighting has been going on since 2014.

BA Ambassadors

This portrait was created for the Geneva-based fiduciary Berney Associés, which wishes to highlight the athletes it supports. 

Inside a volcano

Spend a night in a crater to observe the lava and see a volcano live. An incredible chance to see the interior of the earth and to discover a universe that is truly unique. 

Interview with a former hacker

We enter the dark and unpalatable world of the Darknet. What it looks like and what it is used for. Visit and explanation of one of the most influential darkmarkets where drugs, fake accounts, credit card numbers and many other forbidden objects are sold. But, there are also positive aspects in this dark universe like the protection of the freedom of expression and that of the whistleblowers. 

Who we are

Julien Donzé

Also known as Le Grand JD, Julien is a director, cameraman and editor. He created his Youtube Channel in parallel to his work as a cameraman and editor. He has now put the two together here. He’s always looking for great images to share but most of all, he’s curious about everything.

Margaux Fritschy

Margaux is journalist and producer. After having worked in the written press and the television as a filming reporter, she created Laxar Gang with Julien. She is in charge of the content of the different formats that we produce.  

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